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Causeland is the station for the village of Duloe in South East Cornwall.

Duloe is a lovely little village which has a variety of events throughout the year, lots of lovely rural walks and a great pub.

  • Annual real ale festival
  • Lovely rural walks
  • Enjoy lunch in the Old Plough
  • Local walks


Duloe is a short walk from Causeland station. When you leave the station turn left and then right opposite Badham Farm Holiday Cottages to take a rather steep climb uphill. This is not an easy walk so take it slowly!

Once in Duloe this lovely little village has much to offer with local walks, a unique stone circle and a great pub to enjoy some much-needed refreshment after that walk.

One of Duloe’s unique claims to fame is a very unusual stone circle. The stone circle is made of eight bright white quartzite stones placed in an oval shaped circle. The stones vary in height. The largest is 2.65 metres high and weighs more than 12 tons.

“One of Duloe's claims to fame is a very unusual stone circle.”
Causeland Highlights

Duloe Charity Ale and Cider Festival

This annual event is a must for fans of local real ale and cider. It is a chance for locals and visitors alike to get together, enjoy some local cider from Cornish Orchards and some ales from around the country. There is usually some live music and always some great local food to be had too.

Visit Cornish Orchards Cider Farm

Just a short walk from the centre of Duloe village is Westnorth Farm, the home of Cornish Orchards. This award-winning Cider Farm has a shop that is open to visitors for tastings and the opportunity to buy their selection of craft ciders, alcoholic ginger beers and soft drinks. Call 01503 269007 for shop opening hours.

Looe Valley Vineyard

The nearby Looe Valley Vineyard, just a 10-minute walk from Causeland station, offers tours and tasting events. Tours last around 90 minutes and include a tasting of each of their four wines and the chance to find out about the whole process from vine to bottle.

Causeland Station Information

This station is on the Looe Valley Line. This is a request stop. Signal to the driver if you wish to board the train at the station. The station is un-staffed. Tickets can be bought from the guard on the train. Step-free access is available throughout the station. Causeland Station, Liskeard, PL14 4ST


Buying Tickets to Causeland

Liskeard to Causeland



Off-Peak Day Return. Valid after the morning peak, and anytime weekends or Bank Holidays.

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