Planning a trip

Plan your trip
  • Family days out by train

    Under 5s travel free on all trains, and 5 to 15 year-olds travel half price.

  • Assisted travel

    As long as you give the train company at least 24 hours’ notice you can book assistance on trains.

  • Travelling with dogs

    You can take up to two dogs per person on the train as long as they are wearing a lead. This is free of charge.

  • Taking bikes

    Great Western Railway allows up to two bikes per train, although this is up to the discretion of the train manager.

  • Parking and public transport

    Some station car parks are free, others require you to pay. You can also plot your journey to the station on public transport.

  • Times and prices

    Plan your journey on Devon and Cornwall's branch lines. Includes information on fares, train times, railcards and discounts.

Groups of 3 to 9 people

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